What is the alpha retreat?


The Alpha retreat is a great place to continue the conversations that have been started at Alpha so far this summer.  The purpose of the Alpha retreat is to give a space to relax and have fun away from the pressures and business of our daily lives. 

During the retreat, we will keep the three main elements of Alpha: food, talk, and discussion.  Meals from dinner on Friday through breakfast on Sunday will be provided as a part of the retreat.

We will have a few new talks as we continue to look at some of the foundational truths of Christian faith.  We will also have dedicated time for small group discussion throughout the weekend.  

Most importantly, the Alpha retreat is for us to continue to explore questions of life, faith, and meaning in a more relaxed environment, while also giving us space to enjoy some time away.

The Alpha retreat is July 20th-22nd, and the cost is $70 per person.  Sign up below.

You can pay at vineyardbr.org/giving.  In the "Private Message" field, put "Alpha Retreat."  You can also pay through cash or check.

The retreat is hosted at Camp Smiling Acres, located in Greensburg, LA.

If you have any questions, contact our Alpha Coordinator Ryan Brown at ryan@vineyardbr.org.

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