What is Baptism?

Baptism is one of the most exciting parts of our Christian life.  At the Vineyard, we believe baptism is our public declaration that we have decided to follow Jesus with our whole life. It's is an outward symbol of our transformation on the inside and an indication that we have died to our sinful nature and made Jesus our King. 

Not only do we make Jesus our King but we also enter into a relationship with him; a relationship with the living God and creator of the universe!  It is after this when we are baptized to declare publicly of our new life in Christ. 

What about Kids? – At the Vineyard Church of Baton Rouge, we don't baptize infants as we feel that baptism is something that comes after a decision is made to follow Jesus. Instead, we dedicate children to God and call parents to commit themselves to raise their children for Christ. We do this based on the model seen in scripture of infants being dedicated to the Lord. (1Samuel 1:21-29; Luke 2:21-24). However, as children mature spiritually, there will come a day when they are ready to make that decision. If you and your child feel that they are ready for baptism, please discuss this with the leaders in Vineyard Kids and 412 Youth or feel free to talk to one of our pastors.

What's it like?

We love baptism Sundays! Baptism are done mid-worship with celebratory songs playing in the background.  One of our pastors will ask you a question like, "Have you decided to follow Jesus with you whole life?" or "Why do you want to be baptized?" You'll answer and then the pastor will dunk you under for a quick second and your baptized! Then we all cheer and celebrate that you have made a public declaration of your faith! 

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