THank you for everything

Our heart was to continue hosting teams and aiding our city for as long as teams and funding were available. Unfortunately, our resources have depleted and we've had to make the tough call to wrap up our efforts.

Since late August, our teams have assisted with over 75 homes and provided an estimated $300,000 worth of aid to our city. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we've received from churches, organizations, and families from all over the country.

Delivering lunches to the Baton Rouge area.


While our partnership with Vineyard Mercy Response has come to an end, we will always be here for our city in every way that we can be. We'll continue to provide relief to victims of the flood through new projects that we are developing. Stay tuned for more information!

"Gutting": wet flooring and furniture must be removed to allow the house to begin to dry.

"Gutting": wet flooring and furniture must be removed to allow the house to begin to dry.

The Night of the flood

On Saturday, August 13th, we received close to 200 people and converted our campus into a temporary shelter. We were able to provide food and shelter for all of them. Many from our community dropped off food and supplies for the flood victims – thank you so much for your generosity and kindness during this difficult time.

Sunday night, the National Guard came to evacuate our temporary shelter due to limited access to our location – many roads surrounding us had become flooded. The flood victims were transported safely to the larger shelter at Celtic Studios (by Costco on Airline Hwy). We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who has supported the relief efforts so far!

Our auditorium converted into a temporary shelter

Close to 200 people were housed at our temporary shelter.