Disc Golf is a fun and free way to get some fresh air and enjoy our local parks with some friends. Sign up to be notified about disc golf outings with others from the Vineyard. Beginners and players of all skill levels are welcome to join us. We’ll host a clinic in September covering the basics of driving and putting. We have plenty of discs available for use if needed. Contact moriah@vineyardbr.org to check-out a few loaner discs.


Generally, our group outings will be on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 2pm. Dates and times may be subject to change depending on the weather (or if Moriah forgot about a big holiday or Vineyard event etc). Sign up to receive updates about the schedule.


What skill level should I be at in order to participate?
Players of all skill levels are welcome, including absolute beginners! Be sure to attend our opening clinic in September where some of our more experienced players will show us some basics: driving form, putting styles, disc types, etc. Our goal is to just have fun and enjoy the sport together, no pressure. However, you're always welcome to ask some of our more experienced players for tips on your game at any of our group outings together.  

Do I need my own discs?
Nope! The Vineyard has a big ol' box of discs with several putters, midranges, and drivers available as loaner discs. If you find you really like disc golf, you can purchase your own discs from online retailers like discgolfcenter.com. Ask Moriah about some recommended discs for your skill level.

Do I have to keep score?
Nah. It's fun to keep score (here's a great app designed just for disc golf score tracking) if you want to see your improvement over time, but if you'd rather just hang out and play casually, that is completely fine. Also, just for fun, if you like tracking scores, you can list your best scores for each course in this shared Google Sheets document.

What are the rules?
PDGA has the official rules available, but it's a bit overwhelming (unless you like reading). Generally, the rules are similar to traditional golf. Get your disc into the basket in as few strokes (throws) as possible! There are other important rules if you're interested in playing competitively: play the disc where it lies, take a penalty stroke for out of bounds, "mandos" etc. You can ask an experienced player about these, or if you're just playing casually, just get your disc into the basket and have fun.

Miscellaneous tips?

  • Wear athletic clothes and good shoes
  • Bring bottled water
  • Sunscreen and bug spray are never a bad idea
  • Keep an old hand towel or T-shirt with your discs, you can use it to wipe your disc off if it gets wet or dirty.
  • Keep it simple and play it safe to stay in the fairway and get better scores
  • Make sure you're using the right discs for your skill level (ask experienced players for suggestions)
  • Write your name and cell phone number on the bottom of your discs with sharpie
    (if you lose one in the woods, another player may find it and return it to you)
  • Try not to leave discs in your car (they can warp in the heat or crack in the cold)
  • Be courteous, let smaller groups play through, and leave the disc golf course cleaner than you found it
  • Focus on form and accuracy before working on power and distance
  • Practice putting at the Vineyard with our practice basket
    (or if you don't have a basket at home, pick a spot a bit below eye-level on a tree or a fence and aim for that with your putter)
  • Play your best, rejoice in other players' victories, and don't let yourself get too competitive, the goal is to have fun!