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What's it all About?

Hosting an intern is a great way to make an impact on a young persons life. The interns come to the Vineyard to gain a deeper understanding of God's plan for their life and serve the Kingdom of God.  For many interns this summer will be a defining moment in their life;  one that will set a foundation for the rest of their lives. And you and your family have the opportunity to be a part of it! 


If your interested fill out the form below and Pastor Dan will contact you to give you more information and answer any questions you may have.



When is the internship?

The interns will arrive May 25, 2018 and stay with you through Sunday, August 6, 2018.  However, there are some dates where the interns will be traveling so they will not be with you every day of that ten-week period.

As a host what is expected of me?

We ask that you put a roof over their head and provide them with food when they are at your home.  This doesn’t mean you have to be their personal chief; just have something in the fridge for them. 

Who are the interns?

The Interns come from all over the US and sometimes world.  These young adults desire to expand their experience and training in ministry. It is an opportunity for them to listen and to set apart time before the Lord asking what His purposes are for their life.

All interns go through our interview process, are verified by references, and must pass a background check. 

We plan to be out of town for part of the internship, is that a problem?

Not at all. If you’re fine letting the intern live there while you are away, we have no problem with it. 

We have guests coming and will need the intern to leave during that time. Is that ok?

Yes, this is common. We will find another place for the intern to live until your guests leave. 

Do I need to provide transportation for the intern?

No. Many interns bring their own cars and if they don’t they are able to catch rides from those who do.