It’s tough to have deep relationships through one meeting a week. In fact, it’s tough to really know people by just attending a big event like a church service together. That’s where our Life Groups come in. Community means meals together, spending quality time together, showing up at each other’s homes, serving others together, being there when there is a need, offering resources that we have to each other, and exemplifying a life that is surreal to most people today.  

Childcare is available for Wednesday evening Life Groups.

Please note: Life Group meeting times are subject to change. Please contact your Life Group leader for updated information on meeting times.





Join us as we seek to live out Acts 2:42. We are a discussion-based lifegroup where we learn  about God, each other, and ourselves through scripture, reflection, and conversation. We seek to eat, learn, pray, play, and laugh together and to share in one another's burdens. 

Lane Delafosse




Church Cafe

A time for adults of all ages to get together for fellowship with board games and a short devotional. We'll play a variety of games, from luck based to strategy based and everything in between. Bring your Bible and your competitive side!

Lyn McElroy

Scott McElroy


Free space

Sycamore Room

Free Space is a relaxed, structured time dedicated to worship, quieting our soul, listening to the Spirit, and sharing what He may be saying, all to deepen our relationship with Him.

Mark Meng



Meetings for the rest of 2018

December 5

December 19
Vineyard Cafe

MOPS is dedicated to meeting the needs of every mother of preschoolers (birth to five years). A MOPS meeting includes practical teaching through speakers, demonstrations and videos with childcare provided through the MOPS Kids program. Plus, there's food... food you didn't make! But more important, you'll get to have honest conversations with other moms who understand the joys and frustrations of motherhood.

Kristen Robichaux

"Quarters" potluck (50+)

2nd Thursday of the month
Vineyard Cafe

A group for those 50 and older. Join us monthly for a potluck dinner followed by a simple time of sharing and prayer together. Let’s talk, laugh, and cry – together! Bring a dish to share.

Judy Momenzadeh

the parklake house group

1st & 3rd Friday of the month


12624 Parklake Ave, Baton Rouge

Twice a month, we sit with the Spirit, seeking and praying together. We will be looking at spiritual giftedness in response to some scripture and prayerful reflection. 

Decaf coffee, tea, and popcorn will be served. Please plan to eat dinner before, after, or on your way in. 


Jimmy Butts


4th Friday of the month at 6pm
Vineyard Cafe

Do you play a mean board game? Join us on the 4th Thursday of each month for a hardy session of strategy board gaming. We love to play games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and sometimes fun party games like Quiplash and Munchkin.

Ryan Brown


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Life Groups Defined: 
Simply put, a life group is a group of friends (new and existing) who consistently get together with a purpose and are intentional about having spiritual conversations and following Christ. 

If this seems like a “flexible” definition, it is! Real community doesn’t always fit inside one set box. That’s why we’ve gone with the values approach. Whatever a group looks like, as long as we’re pursuing and living out our four values in one way or another, then it’s great! Our four values are our “bulls eye” for a healthy group. Beyond that, get creative, seek God, and learn together.  

This means that as long as we’re being real with each other and living out Jesus’ teaching together, it is a life group, and each group may look different from the next. 

The group may look like a more “traditional” small group - with 6-15 people meeting weekly to study the Bible and share about their lives. A few groups could even get together and throw monthly parties that are more laid back and “invite-able” for non-Christians. Another group might be smaller, with 2-4 people who work in the same place and are focused on serving that area. One might look more like a support group for people who are going through a certain trial in life. Another might be for college students. Still another might be a life group for all the people who help set up sound equipment on Sunday mornings. The ideas are limitless.



This means that as a group we’re actively growing in our relationship with God through worship, Bible study, and obedience. We’re learning what it means to follow Jesus and live out his teaching. 

Life groups are so much more than sitting in a circle confessing your deep, dark secrets. We need to be real and authentic with each other, but those relationships come through a life lived together. This means we take time to play, eat together, and share stories. Bible study is important, but so are trips to the beach, weekend hikes, and parties.

It’s easy for small groups to become inward focused, but a group that becomes all about the members quickly dies. The Christian life is by nature outward-focused. We’re called to bring the kingdom of God to the world!  So, each group should have at their heart some way to serve others. This involves engaging with non-Christians in real friendships and pursuing compassion and justice as a team. It could be anything from adopting a neighborhood park that the group regularly cleans and hangs out at to develop relationships to a justice cause the members are passionate about. It could even be active involvement in a local school where some members’ kids attend.  The crazy thing is - this service side is actually good for the group. Some people connect with others through face-to-face interaction, but we also connect through side-by-side work. It’s amazing, but as we follow Jesus and look beyond our own needs to the needs of others, that service to the world will actually bring us closer together. 

Anything living grows and eventually reproduces. It’s important that our life groups are always open to new people and are always growing. This is a life characterized by hospitality. We care for the people who are here and constantly welcome outsiders. It isn’t a forced thing, and there are no time lines or systems here. For, as we’re living life 

together, we’ll naturally want to invite others along on our journey. This also means that at some points along the way, we’ll feel led to send people out from our group to start new groups and continue the growth process.

What about leading a Life Group?
What are the requirements for leading a life group? In short, there’s a necessary high bar and low bar to leadership – both a high standard to live up to and a real sense that everyone is welcome.  There’s a low bar because most of the time, perfectly qualified leaders doubt their ability to lead. You just have to be someone who can invite people over and make them feel welcome!  There’s also a high bar for leadership.  If ministry teams are the heart of the church, then life group leaders are really the frontline pastors.  They’re the lead servants.  They set the tone for the church and make people feel welcome.  A team leader who catches a missional, or outward-focused, vision and has a heart for God, and therefore the people in the group, can absolutely impact the entire church and the world.

Does that look like you?  You may be a perfect fit for small group leadership.  If it seems overwhelming, don’t worry.  God equips us as we are moving in obedience to his leading.  We’re here to help you find whether this is the right fit and to support you as you begin and grow!