What's a Discipleship Pod?

A Pod is made up of two or three people and is led by someone who desires to show others what it means to live like Jesus.  Pods are a great way to learn what the Bible says about becoming more like Jesus.  We’ll cover topics like, Experiencing God, the Holy Spirit, Authentic Community, and Personal Transformation.  Sign up below!

You will join one or two other people with a leader who will guide you through the Vineyard Discipleship guides.

One of Jesus’ most important commands is to make disciples.  Being a disciple literally means to become a student and follower.  We do this by engaging with what Jesus taught in the Bible along with others who have traveled the road of discipleship before us.    

Who: Pods are for anyone who wants to find out more about what it means to be live like Jesus did. 

When:  Beginning at the end of January, you’ll meet twice a month for ten weeks with your group.  The exact time can be worked out with your group leader.  It could be over coffee, lunch, or just a meet up at someone’s house.  

What: The Vineyard has published booklets that will help guide your discussion among your pod.  You’ll read and process one booklet every other week and then come together with your pod to discuss. 


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