Spirit and Life

Embracing the power of an extravagant God!

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Divided Kingdom

We’re looking at stories from the life of Jeremiah and how the same principles apply to us today.


Organic Faith

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One Church one service

This isn’t a sermon but take a minute to listen to Pastor Jeremy announce and explain why we’re uniting our two services.

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Jesus’ Stories

A series on the parables of Jesus.

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Let all things rise

A single sermon for Easter Sunday


Come to the table

A series on discovering the power and passion of communion.

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Hearing God

A journey to discover the depth of God's voice - no matter where you are in life.

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humble king


JEsus in john

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Ekklesia - community, unity, & love


kingdom of god - entering gods story


Deep Roots

What does it mean to be truly rooted in Christ? Is our relationship with Jesus just superficial or does our connection with him run deep, with roots that can't be plucked from our foundation? We'll explore the depth of our relationship with Jesus in this new series.


For more sermons prior to July 18 2018, check out our sermon archive