Join a Vineyard Community This Week!

We like to think of VCs as mini churches.  They're a place where you will experience God and a community where you will be known and cared for.  Throughout scripture we are asked to meet as Christ followers to worship and grow in community. One of the ways we do this at Vineyard is through meeting in homes as smaller gatherings throughout the week.

You're welcome to try different VCs to see which feels most like home.   Once you find one you like we encourage you to stick with them. We know can life can change so we don't expect you stay forever but the reality is, the more we commit the more we grow with God and each other. We know it can seem like a big commitment but we’ve seen great things happen when we intentionally invest in our spiritual community!

We do three things when we meet: we hang out, discuss the latest sermon in a practical way, and pray for each other.

All VCs have an option for childcare. Contact the leaders for more information.

See the list of Vineyard Communities below. They they are ongoing and are always looking for new people so jump in and discover authentic spirituality in community!