good COFFEE, authentic COMMUNITY, real GOD

Join us every Sunday at 9:00am or 11:00am for our weekly gatherings.

16761 Tiger Bend Rd, Baton Rouge, LA  (directions)   //   (225) 751-0936


good COFFEE, authentic COMMUNITY, real GOD

Join us every Sunday at 9:00am or 11:00am for our weekly gatherings.

16761 Tiger Bend Rd, Baton Rouge, LA  (directions)   //   (225) 751-0936

The Vineyard Church of Baton Rouge is a growing multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and welcoming church that blends authentic faith with a discerning approach to culture.  Our worship is informal, but intentional, with music in the contemporary style. Dress is casual – come as you are. Pick up a cup of coffee from our café and find a seat in our auditorium as we gather together to love God and learn from His word.

Join us on Sundays at 9am or 11am. We also have time for coffee & bagels from 10:30 to 11am. Nursery and Kids ministry is available every week up to 5th grade in age appropriate classes with screened and trained adults. Our middle & high school youth meet after worship during the 11am service.


reaching out


building community


connecting with god


last sunday's sermon

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last sunday's sermon

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Advent 2017: Heaven Kissing earth

The Advent season is wonderful time to remember the Christmas story – a story that is rich with wisdom and life lessons. Join us this season as Pastor Jon takes us through the advent story from a fresh perspective.A


Raw Spirituality

Have you ever felt a tension between developing your internal spiritual life and the call to outward service in the world?  How do we allow the life of Jesus to flow through our whole bodies into our everyday lives?

raw spirituality.jpg

The Easy burden of pleasing god

When Jesus said, "Come learn from me, my yoke is easy and my burden is light" he was offering us a better way than the way of the Pharisees. They were caught up in the legalism of lists, rules, and regulations, but Jesus offers us the way to freedom and life.


When Life Stinks:
Encountering God in the midst of hardship

Sometimes life just stinks. All of us go through hard times at some point in our lives. Follow along with this series as we unpack what the Bible encourages us to do when life gets hard.


Comfort detox

John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard, used to say "Faith is spelled R, I, S, K." As we journey to follow Jesus, we are often pushed out of our comfort zones to be obedient what He's called us to. Join us for this series as we leave behind the trappings of comfort so that we can move into faith and courage.


What makes the Vineyard Church unique? What are we all about? Join us for this series as we dig deep into the core values of the Vineyard, learning how to apply them to our lives.


Rockin' relationships.

Our relationships take up a significant portion of our time and resources and have a huge impact on the trajectory of our life. Join us for this series as we discover what the Bible has to say about our relationships with God, with those around us, and with our community. 


Most of us have discovered by now that half-way Christianity does not work. If we want to be fully available for what God has for us, then we must commit to being all in – in dedication, in worship, and in everyday life.


Nuts & Bolts: Vineyard Values

What makes the Vineyard Church unique? What are we all about? Join us for this series as we dig deep into the core values of the Vineyard, learning how to apply them to our lives.


If Christianity is to be a compelling and relevant voice in the twenty-first century, it needs a fresh message, a return to our roots – forgiveness. This series takes us through some tough questions about forgiveness: Should we always forgive? How do I forgive? Is forgiveness always even possible?



The Advent season is wonderful time to remember the Christmas story – a story that is rich with wisdom and life lessons. Join us this season as Pastor Jon takes us through the advent story from a fresh perspective.

The Spirituality of doors

Life gives us many choices. We often describe these moments in life as doors that God may open or close to us. Sometimes these are big decisions, unexpected events, or simply the doors of day to day living. We'll explore how to use practical wisdom and listen for God's voice in approaching these doors in our lives.

Jesus For President

A reminder that our ultimate hope lies not in the political options of our day, but in Jesus and his kingdom. If we place our hope in the imperfect kingdoms of this world to fix our brokenness, we will end up disappointed and disillusioned. Our trust should ultimately be in Christ and Christ alone to repair the state of our world.

Responding to the flood

On the weekend of August 13th, flood waters rose to record-high levels in Baton Rouge, resulting in one of the worst disasters our area has ever seen. Vineyard Church of Baton Rouge has and will continue to be a place of hope for our community. Pastor Jon addresses our church in this difficult time, rallying us together to help rebuild our city.

religion saves and other things the bible doesn't say

"God helps those who help themselves" is not one of the 10 commandments, although a surprising percentage of our society believes that it is. Somehow we've come to believe that the Bible, our authoritative source of God's truth, says certain things that it doesn't actually say. Sometimes these phrases have inherent bits of truth to them, but it's important for us to separate fact and fiction. Follow along as we unpack these phrases and discover the truth.

Mine: Learning to Let Go

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth," Genesis 1:1. Everything belongs to God: our time, our money, our possessions, even the very breath in our lungs. Biblical stewardship starts with this understanding that everything is God's, yet he has entrusted us to care for his creation. Join us for this series as we unpack what the Bible has to say about stewardship.

Addiction, Recovery, & God

30% of the world struggles with some kind of addiction. This statistic doesn't even account for our culture's issues with TV, video-games, phone/tablet use, or other addictive tendencies. We want to be the kind of church that welcomes those struggling with addiction with open arms. Follow along with this series as we look to the Bible for guidance concerning addiction and recovery.

Developing Spiritual grit

True spiritual grit is character rooted in the person of God. Spiritual grit is resilience—the courage and ability to get up when you fall, to keep running when you’re bone-weary, and to keep your eye on the goal even in the murkiest moments.

The Jesus IMPact

Jesus' impact on our world is highly unlikely, widely inescapable, largely unknown, and decidedly double-edged. It is unlikely in light of the severe limitations of his earthly life; it is inescapable because of the range of impact; it is unknown because history doesn't connect dots; and it is doubled-edged because his followers have wreaked so much havoc, often in his name. Join us for this series as we explore the vast impact Jesus has had on our world.

Repenting of religion: Finding freedom from judgmentalism

We human beings are burdened by our tendencies to harshly judge others and ourselves. Unfortunately for believers, this bent is as prevalent in the church as it is in the world. Join us for this series as we find freedom from judgmentalism by focusing on love. Without love we are but a "resounding gong or a clanging cymbal" (1 Cor 13:1)

Anxious: Faith in a world of worry

Our culture is frantic with worry. But we are called to live and think differently from the worried world around us. It is a spiritual problem – its solution is rooted entirely in who God is. This series encourages us to root our faith in who God is, not in our own will power, and be free from anxiety.



The advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the coming of Jesus. The Christmas story is full of great lessons that can help prepare our hearts for this season.


It's so much more fun to be positive and full of gratitude! We simply feel better when we're thankful for the blessings that God has given us. Scripture reminds us of the importance of gratitude in our daily lives.

Looking at life from the perspective of heaven

The book of Revelation is full of relevant teachings for the whole church, and you don't have to be an enlightened code-breaker to understand and receive the heart of Revelation. Join us as we discover the last word from Scripture on evil, worship, salvation, & Heaven.


What makes the Vineyard Church unique? What are we all about? Join us for this series as we dig deep into the 5 core values of the Vineyard.

Soul keeping

When is the last time you thought about the state of your soul? The health of your soul is the hinge on which the rest of your life hangs. It's the difference between deep, satisfied spirituality and a restless, dispassionate faith. Rediscover your soul in this practical and relevant series.

The Greatest Force

A message from guest teacher, Kris Miller, on the powerful forces in our world, and the greatest force of them all: God's love.


Many of us long to experience more of God's presence, but don't know how to get there. In this series we explore what it looks like to have an everyday experience with the Holy Spirit – hearing His voice, knowing His love, and walking in His power.

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When Jesus was asked to sum up everything into one command, he said to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as ourselves. What would happen if every follower of Jesus took the Great Commandment literally?

Easter Sunday

Grow: Becoming the me I want to be

Spiritual growth is not just about becoming "holier", but more "you-er". God wants to help us become the best version of ourselves – the "me" that I want to be!


Reaching Out

Reaching Out

mercy & compassion

Much of Christ’s life and ministry was living, serving, healing, and eating with those in which the world did not value. Christ called these people “the least” because they are the people most forgotten, powerless, and outcaste in society. However, these are the very people Christ came to be with. These are the people Christ calls blessed, the first, and heirs of the Kingdom of God. As we search scripture, it is evident that as followers of Christ, we are also called to care for the least, and in doing so we are caring for Christ himself.

As we seek to love Jesus, it is a natural overflow of God’s grace for us that we are discovering how to love the “the least” through compassion, justice, peace, and mercy in our communities both locally and globally. All of this is what we at the Vineyard call “mercy & compassion.” A few of the ways that we have lived out justice in our community is by serving and eating meals with the homeless, giving away dipers to families each month, and partnering with local non-profit organizations. All of this is in hopes of participating in the work God is already doing in Baton Rouge and around the world.

Serve Saturday

International missions

Haiti Missions

Our mission field doesn't stop at the Baton Rouge city limits. Our heart for the nations has led us to partner with churches in other countries to help spread the gospel there, to train and equip the locals for ministry. We hope to build lifelong relationships and help transform a country into one that loves and follows Jesus. 

As the Vineyard Church of Baton Rouge, we simply desire to continue Jesus' expansion of His Kingdom.  We accomplish this through serving people by: church planting, church renewal, ministry to the lost, the poor, the orphan, the slave and the outcast.

A Church Planting Movement:
Our primary activity around the world is the growth and establishment of new churches expressing the values of the Vineyard, which in turn develop as communities of hope.  The result of these communities is "churches planting churches" through local, church-based missions.  This concept celebrates the local church as pivotal to God's plan for world evangelism and recognizes that initiative, responsibility and vision for global missions resides with local churches.

Our Target Nation:
We have seen the impact is greater when we commit to a specific country for longer periods of time.  Thus, we strive to keep a minimum of ten-year commitments to a country we minister in.  We have an onging commitment to Haiti.


Building Community

Developing relationships with each other and connecting with God

Building Community

Developing relationships with each other and connecting with God


We desire to establish deep relationships with each other outside of our Sunday gatherings by sharing meals together, having fun, and helping out when someone is in need. It's more than just a Sunday thing, it is a way of life.

Here at the Vineyard Church of Baton Rouge, we deeply value families. We challenge families to adopt Biblical principles in order to exemplify the character of Christ. He was selfless, loving, strong, and inclusive.  We want to be a church that supports and honors parents as they strive to find their place in the kingdom and, in turn, raise their children to be world changers too!  

We have a Family Month every June – we encourage families to do activities together for the entire month and award those who document the most accomplished activities. We also offer marriage and family counseling for any families that might find themselves in a tough place.

Some other family activities we host throughout the year include:

  • Fall Fest & Spring Fest
  • Father Daughter Dance
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
  • Escorting our float in the Jones Creek Christmas Parade
  • Our annual Bake-Off competition
  • BBQs, Potlucks, Brunches, and more

All these events are completely FREE so that we can bless each other and bless families in our community. Come join the fun!

Fall Fest & Spring Fest

Father Daughter Dance


God desires to have an interactive relationship with us, one where we come to him for anything, one where we are completely transparent. God listens to our questions, hears our frustrations, and celebrates our triumphs. When we spend quality time with Jesus and learn to hear his voice, the fruit that flows from such intimacy is life-changing.

Learn more about ways we seek to connect with God in our Sunday Services.