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Liz’s I found Story

I grew up knowing God my whole life. I knew a lot about God, I knew stories and rules and that we were his people. But the conservative, legalistic church I was apart of did not feel like home to me. I wasn’t proud of my church, I didn’t want to invite my friends. I sought out looking for the kind of spirituality I was hoping for.

This brought me to my college years, were I studied at a small evangelical Christian university.  I was empowered to do ministry, I was alive in my faith, and I loved my community. But underneath it all there was still a performance mindset, an angst to do all the right things for God. And a feeling of guilt and judgment if you didn’t quite match up.

Post college I found the Vineyard. I finally found a home. I found the spiritual community I had always longed for but didn’t know was out there. I found a place were true freedom exists. It wasn’t forced or pretend; it was authentic. I could be me in front of God and others without rules or regulations. I could confess my sin, heal from brokenness, have a rocky season, and be unashamed. I could worship how I wanted, I could lead how I’m wired, I could do and be all these things without extra pressure. I found a true place of belonging; a church that I am so proud to call mine. I am proud of what we offer and how we engage with God and the world. I want to give it away and raise my family to know this freedom too.