What is it?

LifeTogether dinners are a great way to connect with others in our church family.  Those who sign up will be grouped with others from our church to gather together and eat a meal once a week. Some great friendships are formed by simply spending time together over a meal!


Families, couples, and singles that have signed up will be placed into groups of about 8-12 people by our staff. We also have the option available for a smaller group of 5-8 people (ideal for those with smaller spaces to host). Typically we aim for variety when assigning groups to help connect those at the Vineyard who may not have crossed paths yet. Each group will have a set time (usually 6:30pm) and day of the week to meet together for a meal. Each household that signs up takes a turn to prepare a meal and host their group at their home, until all the households have had a chance to host! Fill out a card in the cafe to sign up by Sunday, June 24th.

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Most groups will gather for dinner at 6:30pm. Please mark all that apply.
Smaller groups are recommended for those living in dorm rooms, apartments, etc.